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Need decoration for Thai Restaurant or
Thai Spa?
- Are you Thai Restaurant or Thai Spa owner? 
- Are you going to renovate old restaurant/shop?
- Are you just buying Thai Restaurant/Spa business from old owner? and Need to redecorate it right? 
- Are you starting business on Thai Restaurant or Thai Spa? Need more heads to help on decorating?
- Are interior designer who work for Thai Restaurant or Thai Spa? Need material that instantly impact to the customers? 
- Are you Thai restaurant or Thai Spa owner, but you are not Thai? You need help on Thai Art decoration right? 

We are here to help you !! 
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How to get more customers, 
more revenue from new interior decoration?

(so, you don't have to spend lots of money 
on several items to get impact !)

If you want get more customers, both new and repeat customers, get more revenue , or even if you just want to spend low budget on restaurant or shop improvement, but get high impact on business result, then this is the most important content for you.

Here's why...

Because you don't want competitors to leave you behind and customers forget who you are. Is it enough to do several small things, end up with lots of money spent and get poor impact on business improvement. Is it better to select one thing, eye-catching area, make it boom ! to customers' attention & attraction. !

"we are fully book since first week we put up 
new wall decoration !!"
Waschke Chananchida
Royal Chaopraya Massage & Spa @ Germany
Here are example from people just like you who got results 
We have hundreds design that work well with your place and 
it is adjustable size to perfect fit to your particular wall.
Everyday you wait is another day the customers go and enjoy Thainess experience 
available in the town.. while you are not even in their eyes & mind yet !! 
Order Now !

Case Study

Newly reconstruct 2000 SQM 
restaurant in 30 days !

Last quarter of 2017, we got a call from customer from USA and expressed the urgency of support on interior material for decoration. The restaurant was fired and took several months to fix and rebuilt, so the owner decide to take over Mexican restaurant and refurnishing it all to be Thai Restaurant. It is much bigger than old restaurant and it must be done quickly, instantly and open it up soonest. 

 We provide full support on design selection, size adjustment, mock up look to preview final realistic outcome, then produce and ship for local installation. 
We don't know how famous of our customer, until she send us message to thank you for incredible work and share us the VDO here. We are proud to be part of your wonderful Thainess experience that customers touch and feel. 

Many of them fail to move forward

Because they think it is complicate process to get it done, that's stop them. 

Because they don't know how to transform or to refresh their restaurant or spa shop in the easy and effective way. they think it will be big & complicate task and need to stop daily operator service, that's absolutely stop them to move forward. 

In Fact, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get...

  • You'll be able to attract more customers, to get revenue from your stunning wall story. Yes, your wall decoration is your advertising media
  • You'll get free advertising of your restaurant or shop because media needs new news to be published. Not include social media sharing among customers' experience themselves
  • You'll skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that stop MOST for Thai restaurant & Thai spa owners and go right to the end of the process
  • ​​You will be navigated from scratch idea to visualise your idea, to produce and to deliver to your door step. We provide full service whole process to you.
  • ​​You'll have a TON more money in your pocket when you get fully book and low empty rate.
hundreds of design available
download e-catalog 
Sense of Thainess is created by Thai, 
no other nations can replace. 
"I feel relief when i see Bodhi Tree Wallpaper.. this is what i need. it is very difficult to find one who understand Thai design, make it look nice & neat. It is only Thai people who understand this sense of Thainess, non-Thai can consume and experience it, but not be able to do that. And most of Thai supplier is not speak english, when i find bodhi tree.. oh my god.. this is what i really want"   David McKan / Germany

Dream for success..
Make it real !

When your restaurant or spa shop is fully book, think about how good you'll feel about yourself when successfully come without hassle. 

When you get new impressive look of your restaurant or shop, think about all the extra money you'll have left over to enjoy yourself or to next branch expansion 

See yourself bragging to your friends at parties or on Facebook about how your restaurant or spa get busy with lots of customers !

How Do We Work Together?
How to Order?
1. Customer to take photo of your own wall or window, send us measurement and design selected
2. We adjust selected design to be your wall size and sometime, it is not good proportion... we will modify and make it look nice. This case, we modify and come up with 2 options for customer to choose. You can real look for how will it be after installation !
how to order thai wallpaper
3. We get confirm for size, design.. so proceed to production and ship to your door. Here is the image customer send to us with thank you note for impressive work. it is just look the same as we preview them before production!
more example of how do we work..
 another example of how do we work..
many times, we do not have photo of actual wall or window to be decorated. We get only size, but it always perfect fit, no matter what it is. 
Here's The Bottom Line With Custom Printed Thai Wallpaper 
You get the hundreds of design available for you to pick and choose at no cost
You get lots of reference of Thai restaurant and Thai Spa shop decoration
You get professional hand-on service to serve you from scratch to deliver up to your door. 
Everyday you wait is another customer you miss who will just want to enjoy Thainess sense available in your town. Take action now and get your revenue up!

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